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Founded in 1946, Jilin University was identified as a national research university by the Communist Party of China (CPC, hereafter) Committee in 1960. On June 12th, 2000, Jilin University amalgamated other four universities and colleges, namely the former Jilin University of Technology, the former Norman Bethune Medical University, the former Changchun University of Science and Technology, and the former Changchun College of Posts and Communications. In 2004, the University of Military Logistics became another campus of Jilin University.

In the past decades, Jilin University has attracted a large number of scholars home and abroad and nurtured many outstanding graduates who have made tremendous contributions to academic, economic, and social development. It has won a great academic reputation and prestige, formed an excellent tradition and ethos, and established the spirit of Jilin University as seeking truth and virtues, being democratic and tolerant of differences, abiding by laws, and keeping pace with the times.

Jilin University aims at becoming a world-class university. Its motto “Truth, Innovation, and Endeavor for Prosperity” reveals this vision. With humanistic education as its principle, Jilin University takes on theresponsibility of training innovative talents, conducting high-level research, providing service to society, and being a vanguard of cultural development.



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